What Benefits are Available in a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Claim?

What Benefits are Available in a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Claim?

What Benefits are Available in a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Claim?

By jfhoen

A work-related injury can have a devastating impact on your life, even beyond the immediate pain and long-term suffering you endure. Many injuries prevent you from working, so you are not receiving the income that your household relies upon for financial support. Your future employment opportunities may even be affected, as a significant absence from work may put you at a disadvantage. Fortunately, Virginia workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect you in the event of a workplace injury or illness, by providing different types of financial assistance. A knowledgeable Hampton workers’ compensation lawyer can tell you more about how the following benefits may apply when you file a claim.

Temporary Total Disability

If your injury prevents you from working for seven days or more, you may qualify for temporary disability benefits. The amount is the equivalent of two-thirds of your average weekly pay, though there is a ceiling on this type of benefit that is adjusted annually. You will not receive benefits for your first seven days out of work unless your total period of disability is more than 21 days.

Temporary Partial Disability

For injuries that do not prevent you from working, but do result in you earning less, you may qualify for temporary partial disability. The amount of your benefit is the difference between your pre-injury and post-injury wages, multiplied by two-thirds.

Permanent Total and Partial Disability

Once treatment is considered medically complete for your injury or illness, permanent total disability may come into play. You may be eligible to receive the same amount of your temporary total disability for the rest of your life if you suffer:

  • Amputation or loss of both eyes, extremities, or a combination of any two;
  • Total paralysis; or,
  • Serious brain injury.

Permanent partial disability benefits may also be available to you if you sustain an injury that results in you earning less income.

Other Types of Benefits

While disability benefits relate to your ability to work and earn an income, there are other workers’ compensation benefits that you may be eligible to receive. They include:

  • Payment of all medical costs for necessary treatment;
  • Financial support and placement services in the event that you must make changes to your chosen profession;
  • Reimbursement for transportation costs to and from healthcare provider visits; and,
  • Death benefits for the surviving spouse, children, and dependents who lose a family member due to work-related illness or injury. Reimbursement for funeral costs of the victim is also a workers’ compensation benefits.

Consult with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Hampton Today

If you were hurt at work, you may be entitled to receive any number of these benefits. However, eligibility rules are complicated and errors in filing a claim may mean you receive a lower level of benefits than what you deserve by law. Mistakes can even lead the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission to reject your claim in full.   Mr. Hoen can help you understand the complex qualifications regulations and will assist with all aspects of the workers’ compensation claims process. Please schedule a consultation at our office today by calling 757.838.1136 or going online.

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