Beware of These Common Tricks From Workers Comp Claim Adjusters

Beware of These Common Tricks From Workers Comp Claim Adjusters

Beware of These Common Tricks From Workers Comp Claim Adjusters

By jfhoen

Virginia workers’ compensation laws aim to get injured employees the medical care they need promptly, as well as provide benefits for lost wages and disability. The system is no-fault, so it is not necessary to prove that your employer was responsible for causing an accident. Instead, Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation Act requires employers to carry insurance to cover the losses of injured employees. If you were hurt or suffer from an occupational disease, you file a claim with the insurer to access workers’ comp benefits. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies prioritize profits and will strive to pay as little as possible to protect their own bottom line. Insurers train their adjusters with this goal in mind, so these employees use a variety of tactics when processing claims. It is wise to retain a Virginia workers’ compensation attorney who will counter these methods, but you should beware of these common tricks from workers’ comp claim adjusters.

Requesting Your Signature to Release Medical Records

The insurance company will need medical records, but they are not entitled to any documentation beyond what is relevant to your work-related medical condition. Still, the adjuster may request that you sign a blanket release for your entire medical history. This overbroad information could reveal pre-existing conditions or previous injuries, which the insurer might use to downplay your current medical issues or unfairly deny the claim.

Recording Your Conversation

In the days following a workplace accident, you will be contacted by the adjuster who is investigating your claim. The person may ask you to consent to have your discussion recorded, and you should always decline. Falling for this trick could harm your rights, so you should talk to a lawyer before having a conversation with the adjuster.

Failing to Provide Information on Physicians

Virginia workers’ comp laws require the adjuster to give you a panel of at least three options for a treating doctor. The healthcare provider you choose will manage your treatment and care plan, as well as offer a medical opinion about your claim. In some cases, the insurer will deflect this requirement by providing you with fewer options.

Engaging in Unreasonable Delays

Insurance companies must respond to your claim within a reasonable amount of time, either with a denial or an offer to pay benefits. When you encounter unexplained, significant delays, this could be an adjuster’s tactic for putting off payment to you. They are gambling that you will abandon your claim over time. You might hear such excuses as: 

  • The company needs to continue its investigation;
  • You need to provide additional documentation; or,
  • The adjuster was too busy to return your messages or phone calls.

Call Now to Speak to a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

You can see how common tricks from workers’ comp claim adjusters could affect your rights, so you should rely on experienced legal counsel to assist with the process. To learn how we address these tactics and protect your interests, please contact Hampton Injury Law PLC to schedule a case evaluation. A Virginia workers’ comp attorney will explain strategies for overcoming challenges with insurance companies.

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