Construction Accident Attorneys in Virginia

Construction Accident Attorneys in Virginia

Construction Accident Attorneys in Virginia

Each year in America, 1.7 percent of construction workers suffer an injury that is severe enough that they cannot attend work. Additionally, construction injury rates are an astounding 71 percent higher than in any other industry. Construction workers are a part of some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. 

If you have been injured in a construction accident, you likely require the services of a professional construction accident attorney in Virginia. Hampton Injury Law PLC is dedicated to helping construction workers seek financial retribution, including all the benefits and compensation you are owed due to your workplace injury. 

Do You Need A Construction Accident Attorney?

Unfortunately, a construction injury suffered at a person’s workplace can be challenging to recover compensation because, in many instances, an employer will try their best to refute or challenge the worker’s compensation claim. Employers do this because they want to minimize the benefits that the employee will receive while they are in recovery or rehabilitation. 

A workers’ compensation attorney will fight for your right to compensation and ensure your worker’s compensation claim is filed correctly. Additionally, an attorney can also resolve disputes that could arise between you and your employer surrounding your claim. 

Causes of Construction Injuries

Although there are hundreds of different causes for construction injuries, there are primarily four that cause the most injuries in the construction industry. These four common causes of injuries are also accountable for the most fatalities. 

  • Accidents where a worker has fallen.
  • Electrocutions.
  • Accidents involving an object striking them. 
  • Workers being caught in between two objects. 

Common Construction Injuries Suffered In Virginia

Unfortunately, some construction injuries cause fatalities. According to 2019 OSHA statistics, 5333 people died because of an injury they sustained at their place of work. However, not all construction injuries result in death, but an injury suffered at work can still cause emotional trauma and financial strain. 

That’s why you should hire a competent construction injury attorney, as they can help you quickly attain financial stability again. Below are a few of the typical construction injuries that people in Virginia have sustained.

  • Traumatic brain injuries of varying severity.
  • Electrocution injuries.
  • Broken bones and lacerations.
  • Paralysis to varying degrees.
  • Amputations and burns.
  • Different spinal cord injuries.

The Eligibility for a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Virginia

Fortunately for many injured construction workers, most injuries are covered by workers’ compensation laws in Virginia. The worker’s compensation laws themselves are comprehensive and work to protect the rights of workers and construction companies. However, these laws do, in some instances, limit a construction worker’s ability to file a lawsuit. To be eligible for workers’ compensation in the state of Virginia, you need to prove three things. 

  • The accident that resulted in your injuries had to have occurred at work or while you were conducting a work-related activity.
  • The injuries you sustained need to have been directly caused by a work task. 
  • Your injuries need to have occurred spontaneously and not over several years. 

Get In Touch With a Construction Accident Attorney in Virginia

If you want to file a workers’ compensation claim, you need to work fast and get in contact with a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. At Hampton Injury Law PLC, we will handle the entire process for you. As part of this process, we can make sure you provide notice to your employer within the proper time frame of sustaining the injury. Additionally, we can also make sure you file your claim within two years. By doing this, we are ensuring you receive the best possible chance at gaining compensation and retribution. 


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