Portsmouth FELA Lawyer

Portsmouth FELA Lawyer

Portsmouth FELA Lawyer

Whether you are a locomotive engineer driving a train or a train dispatcher working indoors in an office environment, if you get injured on your job as a railroad worker, your primary recourse to get compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and other losses is to file a claim under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA)

Unlike a workers’ compensation claim filed by workers in other industries, a FELA Claim requires an injured employee to prove that the employer’s negligence contributed to his injury. However, proving an employer’s negligence may require access to records that may only be obtained after a lawsuit is filed. Therefore, to succeed in your FELA claim, you may need the assistance of an experienced Portsmouth FELA lawyer with a track record of obtaining favorable results for injured workers. 

Proving Your FELA Claim Can Be Difficult

As stated earlier, to succeed in a FELA claim, you must prove that your employer’s negligence contributed to your injury. You may prove your employer’s negligence by showing your employer did the following:  

  • Failed to properly train you or your co-workers on the proper use of equipment
  • neglected to follow or enforce standard safety procedures
  • failed to maintain or service equipment regularly 
  • Negligently hired a third-party contractor whose negligence caused your injury
  • Failed to take measures to protect workers from intentional harmful conduct of others

In addition to proving an employer’s negligence, you must also prove you suffered damages. Proving your employer’s negligence may require expert witnesses to testify, for example, to what the industry safety standard is. An economist may be needed to provide expert opinion as to the value of your lost future earnings.  

Given how complex a FELA claim can be, having the assistance of an attorney who represents injured workers can ease the burden of proving your claim. Moreover, the attorney will ensure you get what you are entitled to by ensuring your damages are properly articulated in order to get a significant settlement or favorable verdict. 

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If you have been injured while working for a  railroad company in Portsmouth, Virginia, schedule a free case evaluation today with Hampton Injury Law PLC, a law firm with a track record of obtaining favorable resolutions for injured workers. You may be able to recover compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and other losses. Remember, failing to act quickly may cost you your rights. 


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