Portsmouth Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Portsmouth Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Portsmouth Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

forklift accident in warehouse for workers' comp claim help contact skilled worker injury lawyer in HamptonIf you were hurt in a workplace accident, the consequences extend far beyond the physical pain. You may be unable to work for some time and may incur astronomical bills for medical treatment. Fortunately, you do have rights under Virginia’s workers’ compensation laws. The problem is that the statutes are complicated, and you could face considerable obstacles when filing a claim with an insurer.

Jan Hoen is a Portsmouth workers’ compensation lawyer with almost 30 years of experience helping workplace injury victims like you. He can help with the claims process, but will also go the distance if necessary to get the benefits you deserve by law. Please contact Hampton Workers’ Comp to schedule a free consultation today.

Workers’ Compensation Laws in Virginia

Almost all employers in Virginia are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover the losses of employees who are hurt on the job. Fortunately, the statute does not require you to show that your employer was negligent in the accident that caused your injuries. You only need to follow proper procedures for filing a claim and show that you qualify for benefits.

However, disputes can arise among you, your employer, and your employer’s insurance company. The insurer may contest the circumstances under which you were hurt or may dispute the severity of your injuries. In such situations, you may need to pursue your rights through the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWC), which administers workers’ comp laws.

Mr. Hoen can help with all aspects of your claim, including the filing process and working with your employer and/or workers’ compensation insurer. If he cannot resolve your claim in a satisfactory manner, Mr. Hoen is prepared to take the matter to the VWC or next level as necessary to protect your rights.

Eligibility Rules for Workers’ Compensation

Generally, you must show that you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits by proving that:

  • You are an eligible employee;
  • Your employer has two or more part- or full-time employees, which means that it is required to carry workers; comp insurance; and,
  • You were hurt in a work-related incident that happened when you were performing the tasks necessary for your job.

Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Every workers’ comp claim is different, but you can see certain trends that develop when you review the accidents and injuries that frequently occur in the workplace:

  • Broken bones from slips and trips on slippery surfaces;
  • Head injuries due to falls from a ladder or other height;
  • Being hit by falling debris;
  • Strains and sprains from repetitive body movement;
  • Injuries form a vehicle collision;
  • Cuts and lacerations;
  • Inhalation of toxic fumes;
  • Burns from chemicals or hazardous substances;
  • Ear injuries and hearing loss from exposure to loud noise; and,
  • Many more.

Discuss Your Claim with a Portsmouth Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you were hurt at work and want to know more about how to seek workers’ comp benefits, please contact Hampton Workers’ Comp at 757.838.1136 or visit us online. You can schedule a free consultation with Mr. Hoen to hear more about how a Portsmouth workers’ compensation attorney can assist with the claims process.


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Virginia workman’s comp lawyer Jan Hoen is prepared to fight to protect your legal rights. Contact Hampton Injury Law PLC as soon as possible after a work injury and allow attorney Jan Hoen to use his resources and experience to fight for you.

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