Railroad Worker Injury Attorneys Chesapeake

Railroad Worker Injury Attorneys Chesapeake

Railroad Worker Injury Attorneys Chesapeake

Railroad transportation is one of the earliest means of modern transportation invented by man. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, when steam locomotives powered by coal were largely in use, increased use of railroad transportation led to more employment in the railroad sector, but the jobs were dangerous as railroad workers were exposed to unsafe working conditions. In 1908, to protect railroad workers, Congress enacted the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) to provide an avenue for injured workers to seek redress. 

Although the use of railroad transportation has declined over the years, it continues to be a viable option for moving people and goods around Chesapeake. Notwithstanding that steam locomotives are now replaced with diesel locomotives, the railroad transportation system is still rarely a well-oiled machine as mishaps happen and railroad workers continue to experience work-related injuries due to unsafe working conditions. 

If you are a railroad worker and have questions about your rights as an injured railroad worker, the railroad worker injury attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC can answer your questions as to your rights under FELA law. 

Railroad Workers Who May Bring a Claim for Job-Related Injury

The railroad transportation system requires quite many people to function. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 77,700 railroad workers in the United States in 2019. If you work in the railroad industry, you may work in any capacity, including as an electrician, plumber, signal and switch operator, locomotive engineer, conductor, trackman, yardmaster, locomotive firer, etc.  

Whether you work inside or around the train, you may file a FELA claim if you suffer a work-related injury. Clerical workers and administrative employees of railroad companies are also covered under the Act.  Regardless of the location where the injury took place, you only need to prove that you were engaged in a work-related activity. 

Types of Injuries for Which a Railroad Worker May Recover Compensation

Every job has its hazard. For railroad workers, the injury suffered on the job varies. Some of the injuries suffered by railroad workers which have come before the court include:

  •  A trackman who permanently damaged his shoulder when he tore two tendons in his shoulder while swinging a spike maul
  • A railroad worker who suffered injury to his knee while working as a fuel truck driver 
  • Wrongful death action by the survivors of a railroad worker who died while driving engineers to inspect bridges near rail lines. The accident was caused by a third party who rear-ended the deceased’s car while intoxicated. Although the accident was primarily caused by a third party, the railroad employer was sued because they failed to provide a seat belt in the truck driven by the railroad worker.
  • A locomotive engineer who was injured when the hand brake in the locomotive engine failed. 
  • A worker who sustained a career-ending injury after falling from a locomotive ladder

A FELA Claim may also be brought for other types of injury, including, burn injury, brain injury, loss of limb, and electrocution.

You Have Limited Time to File a Claim for Your Railroad Worker Injury in Chesapeake

Railroad workers have only three years to bring a FELA claim against their employer if they are injured on the job. If you have suffered any kind of injury while employed as a railroad worker, failure to promptly take action can cost you the compensation you are entitled to.

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The attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC have obtained favorable results for their injured worker clients in the past.  If you are a Chesapeake railroad worker who has been injured while engaged in a job-related activity, contact Hampton Injury Law PLC today for a free case evaluation.


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