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Yorktown Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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If you get hurt on the job in Yorktown, VA, you may end up with a temporary or permanent disability that can prevent you from earning a living. Whether you suffer a traumatic brain injury or a back injury in a serious fall from heights, or you develop a repetitive motion injury, being unable to work because of pain and disability can be extremely frustrating. From the charges associated with medical bills to lost income, workplace injuries are tremendously costly.

At Hampton Injury Law, we understand how upsetting a workplace injury can be, especially when you are providing for your family. Our experienced advocates have been assisting clients in Virginia for years, and we are dedicated to assisting employees who get hurt on the job. A dedicated Yorktown workers’ compensation lawyer can help with your case.

Learning More About Virginia Workplace Injuries and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) maintains statistics on workers’ compensation claims and cases across the country? When it comes to workers’ compensation claims and cases in Virginia, the DOL records thousands of claims filed each year. In 2016 alone, more than 2,000 claims were filed, and nearly the same number of cases resulted from workplace injuries. In total economic costs, workers’ compensation benefits pay out nearly $90,000,000 per year in total compensation, of which nearly 11 percent goes toward medical bills.

How many injured workers had their claims approved? In total, only about 42 percent of all claimants are approved for workers’ compensation benefits. Given that less than half of all workers’ compensation benefits applicants in Virginia have their claims approved, it is extremely important to have a dedicated Yorktown workers’ comp lawyer on your side who can assist with your case. If you have already been denied benefits, you should know that you can appeal.

Ensuring Timely Application for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Why are employees in Yorktown, VA denied workers’ compensation benefits? Benefits denials can happen for many different reasons, yet some occur simply because employees do not abide by the timetable set by Virginia workers’ compensation law. Under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act, an injured employee must:

  • Report her injury to her employer as soon as possible (ideally immediately, but within 30 days from the date of the accident or the date upon which the employee learned about the injury); and
  • File a claim with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission within two years.

Numerous claims are denied because the employee failed to report her injury to her employer in a timely manner. At the same time, workers’ compensation law can be very complicated, and you should always work with an experienced Yorktown workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you to present the best possible claim for obtaining benefits.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Yorktown, VA

If you got hurt on the job and are planning to file a workers’ compensation claim, you should speak with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Yorktown as soon as possible. A dedicated advocate at Hampton Injury Law can discuss your case with you today. Contact us to learn more about how we serve clients in Virginia.


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Virginia workman’s comp lawyer Jan Hoen is prepared to fight to protect your legal rights. Contact Hampton Injury Law PLC as soon as possible after a work injury and allow attorney Jan Hoen to use his resources and experience to fight for you.

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