How Do You Deal With Your Workers Compensation Doctor?

How Do You Deal With Your Workers Compensation Doctor?

How Do You Deal With Your Workers Compensation Doctor?

By jfhoen

When injured on the job, the role of your doctor is vital. This professional not only provides needed medical treatment but also plays a significant part in your workers’ compensation claim. The opinion of this authorized treating physician carries weight with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and can significantly influence outcomes related to medical benefits, lost wages benefits, return to work, and the overall settlement value of your case. Hampton Injury Law PLC is here to help you prepare for the next steps. Let us explore the role your treating physician plays as you seek compensation. Call us to discuss your specific circumstances with an attorney.

Choosing Your Authorized Treating Physician

In Virginia, your employer and their insurer must present a panel of three physicians. These physicians are pre-approved to treat you for your injuries, and you have the right to select one. Choosing a non-approved doctor can lead to the insurance company refusing to pay for your care and may undermine your claim. Alternatively, choosing from the pre-approved panel can also be tricky as some employers might pick doctors who are likely to downplay your injuries and capacity to work It is crucial to have legal guidance when making this decision.

Workers’ Comp Doctor’s Appointments: What to Expect

During your first meeting, your workers’ compensation doctor will take a history of your injury. Make sure to provide them with complete and honest information. This includes details about your injuries, symptoms, work-related tasks, safety measures at the workplace, and any changes in your condition. Keeping a daily log of your experiences can help you remember what to tell your doctor and provide additional evidence supporting your claim.

Is It Possible to Change Your Workers’ Comp Doctor?

Yes, it is possible to change your workers’ comp physician, but only under certain circumstances. This might require approval from your employer and their insurer or, in some cases, a petition to the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Having a reliable workers’ comp attorney can be invaluable in navigating this process.

Determining Whether Your Employer Or Their Insurer Has Authority Over Your Doctor

By law, your employer and the insurance company should not interfere with your treatments nor influence your physician’s opinion. However, this is not always the case in reality. If you find that your employer or their insurer is exerting undue influence over your doctor, it’s crucial to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer quickly.

Dos And Don’ts Of Dealing With Your Workers’ Comp Doctor

Here are a few recommendations for dealing with your workers’ comp doctor: be honest, be open about your injuries, discuss your work restrictions, keep records, never miss appointments, ask for a disability slip, and do not hesitate to call a lawyer. Following these guidelines can have a significant impact on the success of your claim.

Discuss Your Case With Our Lawyers

Your workers’ compensation doctor plays an essential role in your claim process. Selecting the right physician and following best practices in interacting with your doctor are all critical steps. It’s also crucial to remember that legal help from Hampton Injury Law PLC can make a substantial difference in navigating these complex processes. Our firm is committed to protecting your rights as an injured worker and fighting for your rightful compensation. Contact us today to begin.

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