What Steps To Take After An Industrial Accident 

What Steps To Take After An Industrial Accident 

What Steps To Take After An Industrial Accident 

By jfhoen

Every year there are millions of occupational accidents occurring globally. These occupational accidents include accidents in the industrial industry. Those employed in the industrial industry can suffer serious injuries because of how dangerous industrial environments are. Industrial workers are exposed to hazards like toxic chemicals, falls, equipment rollovers, and being caught in machinery. 

If you’re going to risk your life each day by working at an industrial worksite, it’s crucial you know what to do if an accident occurs. In our article, we have provided the steps you need to follow to ensure you will receive workers’ compensation. If you need assistance with your workers’ compensation claim, you might want to consider speaking with a Virginia attorney at Hampton Injury Law PLC. 

The Three Steps To Take After An Industrial Accident

Below we have listed three of the most important steps you need to follow if you have been involved in an industrial accident. 

  • Seek Medical Assistance Immediately 

If you have been seriously injured at your workplace, you need to call 911 so that they can dispatch an ambulance to your workplace. If you cannot call them yourself, you need to get a coworker or supervisor to call them. 

However, if your injury is not too serious, you can choose not to see a doctor. Even though you can choose not to see a doctor, you should always seek medical care immediately as you might not realize that your injury is more severe than you think it is. 

Additionally, opting to see a doctor will ensure there is a record of your injuries that you can later give to workers comp or your attorney. 

  • Report Your Accident To Your Supervisor

After seeking medical care, you need to report your accident to your supervisor. No matter how minor your injuries are, you need to report the incident to your supervisor. 

If you don’t report the injury to them, an unsavory employer could deny that your injury occurred at your place of work. Additionally, if you belong to a union, you need to also report your accident to your union representative as soon as possible. 

  • Contact An Industrial Accident Attorney

If you have followed the right procedures and the steps we have listed above and your workers’ comp claim has been denied, you need to consider contacting an industrial accident attorney. An attorney who specializes in this field of law can help you with your appeal. 

Often employers deny workers comp claims because they don’t want their premiums to increase. An attorney can determine if this is the reason why your employer has denied your claim. Additionally, an attorney can also help you file a claim, increasing your chances of it being accepted the first time. 

Contact A Virginia Industrial Accident Attorney Today To Discuss Your Workplace Injuries

Getting injured in an industrial accident can be an incredibly traumatizing experience physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. It’s likely that the last thing you want to do is focus on how you will obtain money while recovering from your injuries. 

That’s why you need to consider hiring a Virginia industrial accident attorney at Hampton Injury Law PLC. Our knowledgeable attorneys are experienced in workers’ compensation claims and can help you file a claim or appeal your claim if need be. Contact us today if you would like to discuss your case.

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