Workers’ Comp Claims While Working from Home

Workers’ Comp Claims While Working from Home

Workers’ Comp Claims While Working from Home

By jfhoen

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many companies large and small to allow employees to work from home as much as possible. Due to lower overhead costs and often greater employee satisfaction and productivity, a large portion of companies plan to continue remote work even after coronavirus-related restrictions are lifted. 

While remote workers can have greater flexibility, more free time, and less stress, they can also have questions about how working remotely impacts their rights as employees. Specifically, what happens when you sustain injuries while working from home? Does workers’ compensation coverage still apply? The answers to these questions can be complicated, and you should have a Hampton workers’ compensation attorney evaluate your rights. 

The Injury Location Does Not Define Your Rights

Workers’ compensation laws do not require you to be on a specific worksite for your injuries to be covered. For example, truck drivers are rarely in the same location, yet their injuries from accidents on the road should qualify for benefits. In addition, if you are visiting a client’s office when you suffer injuries, you should be eligible for benefits since you were working at the time. 

The same goes for remote work. Just because you are working from home does not mean that you are automatically disqualified from workers’ compensation coverage if you suffer injuries. However, it also does not mean that injuries in your home will qualify you for benefits, as there are other requirements you must meet. 

Injuries must be Job-Related

In order for workers’ compensation coverage to kick in, you need to establish that your injuries happened in the course of your employment. This means that your activities when the injury occurred were required by or benefitting your employer as part of your job duties or related conduct. If travel is necessary during your job and you have an accident, your injuries should be covered, regardless of who is at fault. 

On the other hand, some remote workers might suffer injuries while taking a break from work. If you go to let your dog out or fix a snack away from your home office, and you slip and fall and hurt yourself, you will likely have a harder case for benefits. These types of injuries do not stem directly from your job duties, and they arise from hazards you might encounter in your home during non-working hours. 

Consult with a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Determining whether you deserve benefits after an injury while working remotely can be a complicated matter. After a job-related injury, you can trust Hampton Injury Law PLC for assistance with your workers’ compensation claim or questions, or if your workers’ compensation claim was denied. Contact us for your free case evaluation as soon as possible.

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