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Hearing loss is a widespread phenomenon among workers in specific industries in Virginia. In fact, while the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets strict noise exposure standards, the administration reports that 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work each year.

Hearing loss is a severe injury type and can both prevent a worker from being able to continue in their job and reshape the course of their life. Hearing loss is a disability and one that can be very impairing and challenging to live with.

If you have suffered hearing loss due to an on-the-job injury, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. Here’s what you need to know about workers’ compensation benefits for hearing loss in Virginia and how attorney Mr. Jan Hoen can help–

Virginia Hearing Loss Table

The amount of compensation that an injured worker will receive for hearing loss is based on the Virginia hearing loss table. According to this table and the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, “the average decibel loss is to be translated into percentage of compensable hearing loss of each ear…” in accordance with the established table. An example of how the table works is this: an average decibel loss of 50 is compensable at a percentage of 38.3; an average decibel loss of 90 or above, on the other hand, is compensable at a rate of 100 percent. Each ear is evaluated individually based on the level of hearing loss.

If loss is permanent and total, Code of Virginia Section 65.2-503 – Permanent Loss explains that hearing loss of an ear is compensated for 50 weeks. The rate of compensation is 66 ⅔ percent of the hearing-impaired workers’ average weekly wage before the incident occurred. For example, if the worker made $600 before the incident resulting in hearing loss and is completely deaf in either ear, then the worker is entitled to about $400 per week for 50 weeks, or $20,000.

The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have suffered loss of hearing in one or both ears as a result of a workplace accident or incident or continued noise exposure, you may have questions about what your life will look like moving forward. Indeed, living with being deaf or partially deaf is very difficult and may make it harder or impossible to perform work, learn new information, or even care for oneself and complete basic tasks. As you adjust to your disability and make a plan for your life, you deserve to receive the total value of your workers’ compensation benefits.

At the law firm of Hampton Injury Law PLC, attorney Jan Hoen cares about you and your claim for benefits. Jan Hoen is an experienced Virginia workers’ compensation attorney who will aggressively advocate for your right to every penny you deserve. If you have lost your hearing, please call Hampton Injury Law PLC today for a free consultation.


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